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We cook fresh food, not just fast food!
Pizzas, Kebabs, Burgers, Fried Chicken, Peri-Peri Chicken, Wraps, Meal Deals, Desserts, Drinks, American, Italian
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All of our kebabs are freshly made using 100% chicken breast, fresh lamb or beef to our own recipe.
Served with your choice of naan bread or rice, separate fresh salad and your choice of two separate sauces.

Single Koobideh

High quality Minced Lamb
From: £4.50

Double Koobideh

High quality Minced Lamb
From: £6.50

Donner Kebab

Very high quality in the UK
From: £4.50

Large Donner Kebab

Very high quality in the UK
From: £5.00

Chicken Fillet Kebab

Chunks of 100% Fresh Chicken Breast
From: £4.95

Chicken Tikka Shawarma

Cooked in upright grill
From: £4.95

Shawarma Akhni

Tandoori Chicken Spiced Shawarma, stir fried with rice, onion, peppers and Akhni spice.

Peri-Peri Chicken Fillet Kebab

Marinated with Nando's Sauce
From: £4.95

Shish Kebab

100% Fresh Cube Lamb (Large)
From: £5.50

Combo Mix Kebab

Koobideh, Chicken Kebab, Peri Kebab & Shish Kebab
From: £6.95

Mix Kebab

Mix of any 2 Kebabs
From: £7.50

Mega Kebab Meal

Mix of all Kebabs (excludes Kobidah). Comes with Rice & 2 Naans, separate Salad & 2 sauces
We can accept credit/debit card payments by phone or you can request a card machine to your door with delivery orders.